Lone Star Partners with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation

Staff - 04/03/2023

Lone Star Brewing has partnered with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation to celebrate their beloved home state for Texas Independence Day on March 2nd. As a toast to the "best views in Texas," Lone Star has launched a limited-edition merchandise collaboration with Texas-based artist Emily Eisenhart. All proceeds from the merchandise sale will go toward benefiting Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation.

The Lone Star State is home to 88 state parks equaling more than 640,000 acres of diverse land. Since 1991, Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation has been on a mission to advance Texas' proud outdoor traditions and conserve our state's wildlife, habitat and natural resources. Some efforts include supporting the recolonization of black bears in the Trans-Pecos region, engaging in grassland habitat restoration, and ensuring pronghorn will continue to roam the desert grasslands of west Texas for generations to come.

Lone Star launched the limited-edition merchandise collaboration with artist Emily Eisenhart. Based in Austin, TX, Emily is a multidisciplinary artist and has partnered with wide-ranging brands like Whole Foods, YETI, Warby Parker, Madewell, Austin FC and The LINE Hotel, in addition to a diverse array of small and large clients in Texas and across the country. For this collaboration with Lone Star, Emily took inspiration from iconic views in Texas and its state animal, the armadillo. The "best views in Texas'' merchandise includes limited poster prints of her artwork, t-shirt, hat, and a water bottle with a sticker pack all available online now until it sells out. All of the merchandise was produced in Texas with the help of Morgan Mercantile in Fort Worth.