The 29 Palms Highway (Highway 62) is the kind of road you have to plan to be on, since it parallels both the I-40 and I-10 and does not do anything but connect a string of small desert community like 29 Palms and Joshua Tree before dead-ending into Arizona and the Colorado River.

The Joshua Tree National Park has long been a mystical place for many artists, hikers, and independent minded people who want live on the fringe. It is also home to the Joshua Tree Inn, a small hotel built in 1950 that was a favorite of musician Gram Parsons. It was there in 1973 that Parsons passed away of a overdose in Room 8.

Room 8 is a special request and requires booking up to a year in advance, as Parsons fans from around the globe come to pay tribute to the young rocker. The room includes a CD play with a selection of Parsons works, a guest book where you can write your thoughts and reflections, and read those of previous guest. The room still features some of the original fixtures that were there when Parsons last stayed in the room, and  a memorial to Parsons is set up in the courtyard where fans leave mementos.

The hotel is surprisingly nice from a passers by perspective it looks like many other vintage hotels, but the rooms are clean, the staff is amazing, and the growing community of 29 Palms just down the road offers a number of dining options.


To book a room visit the official site a night in the Gram Parsons room will set you back around $119 most times, but do book ahead.