By Mike Satterfield

I crisscrossing the country several times a year for stories, business meetings, and photo shoots, so I get to see a lot of amazing places as I take the long way around much of the time. From New York City to the Great Plains, each place has its own beauty. You may notice that there are a few regions not yet represented but later this year I will be headed to the East Coast and South adding more collecting more photos and stories along the way.

Check out the photos below and share your favorite place in the US or where you think we should go on our next road trip in the comments below.

The Great Plains, Eastern Colorado

Cold Southern Idaho

Ventura, California

Billings, Montana

Northern Wyoming

Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota

Torrance, California

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

El Mirage Dry Lake, California

Northern, New Mexico

Montana/Wyoming Border

Yellowstone National Park

El Mirage Dry Lake, California

Amboy, California

Southern, Colorado

Joshua Tree National Park

Manhattan Island, New York, New York 

Berdoo Canyon, California

Western Montana

Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado

Marfa, Texas