Just down the road from the historic Mission Inn is another Riverside landmark, Tio's Tacos. When you first arrive at Tio's you are greeted by owner Martin Sanchez's unique artwork that takes recycling to another level. Giants, fountains, skeletons and a host of other characters created by Sanchez over the years all created from what most people would consider garbage. While at first, the city wasn't a big fan of Martin's eclectic art, over the years it has become a cultural landmark in Riverside's downtown.

The most important piece to Sanchez is the chapel, which he built as a gift to his wife, it's even been consecrated by the Catholic Church and had its fair share of weddings and quinceaneras hosted within the tiny chapel.

No matter how many times you visit you always find something you never saw before. But his artistic endeavors also extend into Tio's kitchen where flavors are bold and portions are generous. If you are in Southern California Tio's Tacos is worth the drive for some fun folk art and some amazing tacos.

Tio's Tacos is located at 3948 Mission Inn Avenue Riverside, CA 92501.
(951) 788-0230