Tucked away in the foothills of Southern California is a wall built out of classic cars, assembled sometime in the mid-50's to create a retaining wall. At first look the cars, which are only visible from a private road that leads to an old estate, hidden completely from view, were put in place to protect the properties airstrip that was last used around 40 years ago. The remains of the air strip and the foundation for the hanger can still be seen. The cars, many more which are buried completely, are strung together with a massive cable like a macaroni noodle necklace you might have made in kindergarten.

Over the years many people have stripped the bumpers, engine parts, grilles tail lamps, and other exposed bits from what were once mostly complete cars. The area is still remote and a bit of a local legend, some kids said that the estate is actually a haunted mental hospital and those cars belonged to the victims of the Dr. who would experiment on stranded motorists.

But while the cars were put in place by the a Dr. who would fly is private plane out to what was once a remote country estate and citrus grove, nothing nefarious has ever taken place that we could find. Enjoy the rest of the pictures.